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Jackie Pelosi
E-RYT 200 (500 hr in progress), Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communicator

Jackie Pelosi

My first Yoga teacher training was in 2005 with Amba and Don Stapleton, Ph.D in Costa Rica at the renowned Nosara Yoga Institute. It was a transformational experience and deepened my understanding of Hatha Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and the power of Sacred Land, Ocean, and Nature. The Yoga I teach today is rooted in tradition and shaped by the techniques, insights, and teachings I have learned in my practice of Reiki and Earth Energy Medicine over the past 17 years. The Land, Animals, Plants, Stones, Waters and Spirit are my greatest teachers and inspiration.

I offer a strong physical practice with opportunities for exploration and softening. Throughout the practice, focus is directed on the continuous, rhythmic breath as a direct invitation to presence and the gateway to inner stillness. The breath not only sustains the practice, it is the vehicle of universal spirit, or prana, and it brings about the transformation of yoga. This transformation is the ultimate shift from striving to being, from thinking to deeply listening.Cultivating the skill of deep listening develops a clear, grounded, connection to your most powerful guides...your Self and Spirit. When you have unshakeable trust in yourself, the choices you make in your life will support the dreams and longings of your inner world, of your heart.

My classes are a blend of ebb and flow: breath, mindful movement and dynamic stillness, intermingled with joy and lightness, inspiration and introspection, sweat and Spirit. It is my intention to guide my students beyond technique and into the experience of deep listening. Through deep listening we know our Self, our limitlessness and our goodness.

Currently teaching Level 2 and Level 2-3.