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Kerensia Cochran

Kerensia Cochran

At an early age Kerensia found herself very passionate about the potential of growth, well being, and healing of all people. She spent years growing in companies and leading in management roles but found that something was very much missing in her work life. This passion for learning, teaching, and healing allowed her to know that instructing yoga was in her path before ever taking a class.

Kerensia received her 200 hr TT Vinyasa certification in Santa Cruz and was taught by her mentor, Rolf Gates. In TT she learned to fade into the background during class and allow each student to be guided through their own unique, meditative experience. Kerensia moves students through a dynamic flow of poses, bringing awareness to the body and to the breath. Greatly inspired by her mentor, she shares what she learns through being a student of life and brings her heart into every class.

She appreciates diversity and balance as a student and teacher which has led her to teaching multiple styles including Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Hatha, Gentle, and Restorative. Kerensia is also fusing together her past experiences with her current passions by Assistant Managing yoga studios in the Bay area.

Kerensia's intention is to give others tools in finding peace on and off their mats through yogic philosophy and the 8 Limb Path. She was taught by her mentors that to be a successful teacher is to be an outstanding student so she spends much of her time practicing studentship.