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Krystle Dawn Truncale
Certified Svaroopa and Hatha Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Certified Emboydment Yoga Therapist, Dhammakaya Meditation Faciltator

Krystle Dawn Truncale

Krystle Dawn presents each class as an opportunity, a gift and a sojourn to awakening awareness to one’s own highest potential and embodiment of bliss. She is committed to a practice with aligned movement from root to crown, conscious breath and a centered personal offering to the fierce and humbling life force flowing within and all around.

She has been sharing movement, mindfulness and yoga since 2003. She is a Certified in Hatha, Svaroopa and Vinyasa Yoga, a Certifed Embodiment Yoga Therapist, Certified Reiki Master and PIPO Dhammakaya Meditation Facilitator. A choreographer, Certified Ceremonial Dance Gate Keeper, Native, Shamanic and Kundalini practices all influencing how she shares the medicine of yoga.

She is the creator and founder of The Bliss Vibe™ holding sacred space for others, as well as in cacao and new/full moon ceremonies.

Krystle hosts retreats in Big Sur, Costa Rica and Upstate New York and has been co-creating community events, gatherings and service with yoga, music, dance, meditation, heart, organic fresh food and water offerings.

Krystle and her mother have co-created distinctive accessories and other products that empower all to shine and radiate inside and outside.

As a student and teacher of life, she is dedicated to honoring the unique expression of all, the individual deep awakenings to the eternal state of bliss and the remembrance of our divine truth.

Currently teaching Gentle/Restorative Yoga and Level 2.